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Mickey and Dave Gonzalez
Founders of ResultOne Racing Technologies, LLC
We are Mickey and Dave Gonzalez, owners of ResultOne and creators
of the Suspension Assistant.  We have both been involved in
motocross since we were kids so for years we’ve watched racers
“adjust” their bike’s suspension.  We have heard riders call
suspension tuning “black magic.”  We’ve watched riders turn the
clickers the wrong way, mistaken compression for rebound, or
rebound for compression.  We have witnessed riders who leave the
bike setup the way it came off the showroom floor.  We’ve observed
novice racers use the setup of a buddy, without questioning the fact
the buddy is a pro rider whose 30 pounds heavier.

But in all fairness, suspension tuning is NOT easy.  It is technical,
complicated, and frustrating.  One setup doesn’t fit all.  A rider’s
weight and ability plus the track condition all factor into the equation.  
And with most bikes providing 10 possible adjustments, the level of
complication can drive anyone crazy.

Being serious competitive racers, we’ve worked for years at making
our bikes handle as perfectly as possible.  With each new bike, we
spend hours and days testing, video taping, and driving to different
tracks in search of the perfect conditions and roughness.  We consult
with suspension experts to discuss the different issues and
problems we’re experiencing.  We invest a lot of time into suspension
tuning because we know from experience that confidence in the bike’
s handling reduces lap times!  A lot of money can be spent on
increasing horsepower, but that horsepower is of little value if the bike
doesn't handle.
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Mickey in berm
Mickey started racing at the age of 12 and continues today
From helping riders in our training classes or on practice days at the
local track, and spurred on by the request of those who wanted help
with suspension adjustment, in 1997, we started working on a
product that would help racers easily and quickly adjust their bike’s
suspension systems.  The idea ended up on the back burner when it
wasn’t possible to present the information as we envisioned.  Several
years later, when handheld devices arrived on the market, we finally
had the perfect platform for our product.  Now we could develop our
idea into a handheld application that could be used anywhere,
anytime.  In 2003, ResultOne Racing Technologies was formed out of
the desire to make our years of knowledge available to all racers.  

Suspension Assistant is based on the suspension setup advice
from suspension experts, responses from riders in our training
classes and our own experiences from 30 years of racing.  The
application breaks down a suspension problem and takes it step-by-
step to a solution removing the technical, complicated and frustrating
Landon's first race

Landon Gonzalez -
first race at age 3.

Dad and Landon -
riding at Aztec
Raceway Park in
Colorado Springs
Dad and Landon at Aztec
Bio for Mickey

Mickey started riding in 1976 and by the age of 12 found her passion
with motocross racing. Because a women's class did not exist,
Mickey raced with the guys and became the first women racer in
Colorado to advanced into the A class, becoming a Mini A rider in
1978 and a Vet A rider in 1985. Even today this accomplishment still
stands in SRAC!  Besides being a member of SRAC, Mickey also
raced NMA and AMA nationals.  In 2003, Mickey raced in the Women’s
Pro class at the AMA/WML Outdoor National Series at the Glen Helen
and Hangtown events.  After 30 years of racing, Mickey is still racing in
the men's Vet class and in the Women's Pro class.  
Best career results:
  • 2005 AMA/WML Outdoor National Series (Lakewood) – 17th place Women Pro
  • 2003 AMA/WML Outdoor National Series (Hangtown) – 18th place Women Pro
  • 2002 Colorado SRAC Women's Pro - 3rd overall for season
  • 1997 Mammoth Mountain - 3rd place Women Pro
  • 1995 San Diego AMA 125/250 Supercross - Invited to race in women’s
    exhibition race at halftime
  • 1994 Lake Whitney - GNC - 5th place Women Pro
  • 1994 International World Cup for Women in Oklahoma City, Ok
  • 2nd place Women 125 Pro and
  • 4th place Women 250 Pro
  • 1993 Mammonth Mountain - 3rd place Women Pro
  • 1980 Colorado SRAC Mini Expert - 7th place overall for season
  • 1980 Ponca City NMA National – 9th place Mini
Mickey jumping finish line at Glen Helen
Mickey racing at Hangtown
Mickey jumping finish line
jump at Glen Helen Raceway
Mickey at Hangtown during
AMA/WML Outdoor Series
Bio for Dave

In 1972, Dave became involved in motocross as a racer and
promoter. From 1972 till 1988, Dave helped his parents run Aztec
Raceway in Colorado Springs promoting races on the SRAC (Sports
Riders Association of Colorado) schedule. While helping with the
races, Dave also raced and became a 125 Pro rider at the age of 14.
Dave has been racing off and on ever since.

After Aztec was sold, Dave and Mickey built a new motocross facility
called Wild Rat Raceway and promoted races on the SRAC schedule.
In 2000, Wild Rat Raceway was sold and Dave and Mickey returned to
full-time motocross racing.
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