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Why use a Suspension Assistant

  • Suspension tuning is critical for success!  When the bike handles
    properly, confidence increases and lap times decrease.  You’ll ride
    faster and smoother.

  • Suspension tuning is NOT easy.  The Suspension Assistant
    breaks down a problem and takes you step by step to a solution.

  • How many times have you turned the rebound adjuster the wrong
    way?  With the Suspension Assistant  there is no need to waste
    time thinking about which adjuster to change, which direction to
    turn the adjuster or by how much.  Use your energy to focus on

  • No need to rely on the advice from others.

  • It’s almost impossible to troubleshoot your bike’s suspension
    issues from your computer at home or work.  Track conditions
    constantly change; one day it’s muddy, the next day it’s dry and
    rough.  With the Suspension Assistant you'll be ready for whatever
    the track throws at you.  
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