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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of file will I download?
The application is packaged in a zip file.

How big is the zip file?
The windows version is 1930 KB

Where will the file be downloaded to?
When you reach the download page, a link is provided that says
"Download Application."  Pressing this link will bring up the standard
"Save File To" window.  You will select a location on your hard drive to
download the zip file to.

How long will it take to download the file?
With a fast connection it takes a few seconds.  If you are using a
modem it takes around 10 seconds.  

What if I can't find the file after I download it?
You will need to download again.  The best thing to do is create a
temporary or download directory on your hard drive and make this the
location to send the file.  

What if I can't get back to the download page?
No problem - just send us an email and we will help you

We can be reached at
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