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Suspension Assistant Software Details
Learn how the
Suspension Assistant  can
improve your racing today!

Suspension Assistant
Handheld Technology

Update 2009: Palm has discontinued the
production of Palm handheld devices!  

The Palm OS is now only available with new Palm cell
.  If you wish to run the Suspension Assistant
on a Palm cell phone please
contact ResultOne.  

If you're still interested in running the Suspension
Assistant on a handheld device, please read below on
where such a
Palm device can be found.  You will
then have to
contact Resultone to acquire the Palm
version of the application.

ResultOne is in the process of creating a web version
of the Suspension Assistant accessible to cell
phones.  Please join our
email list to be notified when
the web version is released.  


What is a Handheld Device?

A handheld device is basically a computer that fits in your hand.  A
handheld is also called a Personal Digital Assistant or PDA.

Handhelds come with an LCD display that can be monochrome or
color.  To navigate, you use a stylus (pen) or your finger to tap on the
screen.  And just like a desktop or laptop, handhelds have a
processor and memory.

What can I do with a handheld?

  • Its compact and lightweight so take it wherever you go

  • Store your race calendar

  • Store the phone numbers to your favorite tracks

  • Create a list of things to do before this weekends big race  

  • Store your cool riding shots to show friends

  • Straight out of the box, the built-in applications are
  • Address Book
  • Date Book
  • Clock
  • To Do List
  • Memo Pad
  • Note Pad
  • Calculator
What kind of handheld does the Suspension Assistant

Handhelds come with different operating systems and internal
memory.  To run the Suspension Assistant software, the handheld
must have:

  • Palm OS® Software v3.5 or higher
  • Minimum of 2MB of RAM.
Where can I buy a handheld?
Ebay – Brand new and used handhelds for as low as $25.00.

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