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Lakewood AMA National 2006

On the weekend of July 22 and 23, ResultOne attended the AMA
National in Denver Colorado at Lakewood.  It was an awesome
weekend!  The National provided lots of awesome racing, wonderful
weather, and a chance to setup a booth in the vendor area.  

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth!  We enjoyed hearing
from those who already have the product and how you are finding it to
be a very helpful tool!  Thanks for your feedback!  We'd also like to
welcome all our new customers!   

Because I'm still recovering from ACL surgery, I was not able to race.  
A national race at my home track that included the women and not
able to race – talk about killer!  Actually this is the first time in my life
where I attended a race with the top women and had to watch!  On the
positive side, it gave me the opportunity to watch some great racing!  
The women really have come a long way and Miki Keller (president of
Women's' Motocross Association) is doing an incredible job of
creating opportunities like this for women motocrossers!

Click here to view the photos I took when I had a chance to sneak
away from the booth.

Dave and Mickey Gonzalez
ResultOne Racing Technologies, LLC
Email: info@resultone.com
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