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"Your software makes it so easy to diagnosis my suspension
problems without all the trial and error.  I just punch in the
symptoms and it spits out the necessary adjustments.  
software is a real time saver.
 Thanks for a great package.  So
simple, but, yet so valuable to me."

Bryan Bull
Class: 40+
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"I used your Suspension Assistant as I
was experiencing problems under
braking into turns and what I can only
describe as pogo'ing around turns.

I had tried some changes based on
advice from the handbook and others
but couldn't seem to get a stable feel.
was contemplating drastic changes

like sending things off or changing the
spring rates.

After using the Suspension Assistant,
keeping records and performing more
scientific analysis I have things an order
of magnitude better, even plush.  
are just too many combinations of
front and rear, rebound and
compression to evaluate by simple
trial and error

"I need all the help I can get with tuning my suspension and the Suspension Assistant provides all
the information I need!"

Tania Satchwell
WMA Pro #105
Kyle Herman
"Using the palm version of the Suspension Assistant to setup my
bike drastically improved my bike's handling.  Now I'm winning
races!  Thanks for all the help!"

Kyle Herman
"The Suspension Assistant is a tool I always take to the track.  I use it to dial in not only my
suspension but also my 15-year old son's suspension.  Because my son doesn't
understand suspension problems beyond - "the bike won't turn" -
I use the software to
ask him the right questions and to further diagnosis the problem
.  Our bikes are dialed in
without the normal frustrations.  You can spend a ton of money on revalving but you've got
to get the suspension setup for the tracks you ride."  

Mark Wright
Helmet House
Senior B
"My daughter, April Zastrow, is a WMA pro racer. Her talents have excelled faster than my ability to
tune her bike to meet the challenges of her ever-faster lap times.

My biggest challenge has always been in the suspension category.
Different tracks call for
different setups
. She races desert, WORCS, motocross, hare scrambles, and even ISDE enduro.
So, many setups are required.
So now I have been able to fine tune April's race bike quickly and confidently using ResultOne's
Suspension Assistant
loaded up on my Palm Pilot I also ordered from ResultOne.

Easy to load the program and easy to use at the track. April didn’t used to let me touch her
suspension before I found ResultOne, now she trusts me as long as the Suspension Assistant
gives the direction!

Thanks Mickey!"

Stan Zastrow
Father of April Zastrow -WMA Pro, #88
Mirage Trailers
I have heard it all at the track
when getting suggestions on
tuning suspension.
Everyone had
different opinions, which made
me not trust any of them. It is kind
of like trying to get 10 people
standing around at a jukebox
hoping everyone picks the same

The point is that I wanted to find a
reliable and consistent source
or guide for suspension tuning

I searched the web for help. I
found Resultone.com and knew
Mickey Gonzalez, a women’s
racing legend, from the WMA
series. Someone I could trust and
what a handy way to bring
software to the track!